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When is Jesus coming back?

Get your copy of this informative book “The Spirit and the Bride say Come” that looks at what the bible really says.

What is the one event that will bring the second coming?

Is Jesus return really a secret event that no one will be aware of?

This revealing new book tells you what to really look for.

You do not have to be a bible scholar to understand the signs that will come before His return.

This is information that will give you insight to see the facts from fiction.

This non-religious book speaks to the true spirituality that the scripture reveals and gives

you the help you need to discover a true spiritual awakening.

  The Spirit and the Bride say Come looks at how a bride was chosen in the bible and who chose the bride. Unfortunately there are many misconceptions about the Bride in the church today. With very few people actually teaching on this subject it is not being given the precedence that it should be. Too many teachers are talking about all the warning signs that are in the world today without preparing the Bride. This book is designed to tell you the true signs of the Bride, how she will act and how she will respond not only to world events but to her Bridegroom.

Get your copy today and see for yourself. Free PDF version.

What others are saying about this book:

Cary said: This is a book that everyone should have. It opens up your eyes to the true spirituality behind the second coming.

Jordi: I have read it 3 times now and The Spirit and the Bride say Come has changed my life. This book is my new favorite book.

Jon: This book addresses real issues in the church head on and the author talks about things that I have never heard anyone talk about before. Very helpful.

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